You don’t always have to set the agenda… Start an encounter by listening to someone with genuine curiosity and without judgement. This raises the quality of the relationship, so you will be more likely to spot significant issues such as a disaffected staff member or a customer who is considering leaving.”

I bet tip number eight will be useful for lots of people, too.

Avoid drama merchants. People who create drama do so because of a lack of attention or affection in their private lives, but you’re not their therapist. Don’t spend most of your precious time on these dysfunctional individuals: getting them to move on lets you spend it on undemanding staff who need you, too, though they don’t make so much fuss about it.”

You can read the full list in the Director article by clicking here. The piece looks at how NLP can help you make things go smoothly with your staff, colleagues and customers, and the tips are from NLP School’s director and head trainer, .

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