Mindful Business Leadership – Rapport Magazine Feature

We’re delighted to see that Robbie’s book launch for Mindful Business Leadership was featured in the most recent issue of Rapport Magazine. Here is the full article for those who are not currently subscribed:

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How Can Mindfulness Help You Improve Your Working Life?

In this article, Robbie speaks to The Sun about how implementing mindfulness practice day to day can help improve your working life. You can read the full article here: Get the cash flowing and tap into an exciting career ...

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How can Mindfulness Make You a Better Leader?

In this article, Robbie Steinhouse speaks to Trainingzone.co.uk about the benefits of mindfulness, and how mindfulness can make you a better leader and improve your business skills: Read more here: https://www.trainingzone.co.uk/lead/culture/how-can-mindfulness-make-you-a-better-leader      

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Mindful Business leadership