Everything You Need to Know to Practice Mindfulness in Ten Minutes

Robbie shares these mindfulness techniques and guides you through a short meditation. A simple practice that you can do daily to achieve incredible results.

Self Concept or Identity

Don’t confuse who your are with what you do.

Robbie Steinhouse explains how your self-concept or identity is created in infant-hood. Later on people define themselves by their job, ‘I am an x’ (accountant, pilot, journalist etc). Often an association between a childhood impulse to survive is mixed up with the ending of a job role, the ending of a job can inspire such fear in people due to identity confusion.


The Logical Levels

Created by Robert Dilts and based on the work of Gregory Bateson, the Logical Levels is used to  identify and gently challenge our core beliefs and values, enabling coaches to get to the root cause of a situation and create sustainable change.