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Stephen Gilligan

One of the hallmarks of successful and effective people is a deep sense of purpose and intention.  Without this, it is easy to get lost in the infinite dramas of everyday life…

By aligning with an inner calling, it is possible to steer one’s life course in a meaningful way.

Stephen Gilligan

Stephen Gilligan is one of the original students of NLP at UC Santa Cruz. His mentors were Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson, and is a licensed psychologist.

Stephen has a PHD in psychology from Stanford University and was one of the first people to practice Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

With his passionate, friendly and inspiring way of teaching, Stephen is universally renowned for helping thousands of people improve their lives using NLP. Stephen is also widely recognised for bringing Milton Erickson’s legacy to a new generation.

Stephen has published numerous books, including:

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