Remember though, an NLP book, however good, is always going to be a bit like a cookery book – the actual cooking is much more fun.

Mindful Business leadership

Mindful Business Leadership by Robbie Steinhouse

The question of what makes a great business leader has fascinated me for years. I am a leader myself – although I must admit I didn’t set out to be one. I started my niche property business back in ...

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How to Coach with NLP by Robbie Steinhouse

Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) both share a fundamental purpose: to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives. Many people are interested in merging the two, but as yet few books have been written that go into the ...

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Making Effective Decisions by Robbie Steinhouse

“Short, sharp, shrewd … a clear guide through the maze. Read this and you’ll slap your forehead and say: ‘Of course! THAT’s how it works.'” Roger Michell, Film Director (Notting Hill, Changing Lanes, etc.) Most people believe that decisiveness ...

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Brilliant Decision Making, by Robbie Steinhouse

Brilliant Decision Making’ challenges conventional wisdom on the subject in a number of ways – for example the myth that good decision makers are always ‘decisive’. The book is both intellectually stimulating and of immediate practical use. Is emotion ...

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Think Like an Entrepreneur, by Robbie Steinhouse

The book begins at the very earliest stages: generating an idea and testing it as quickly and effectively as possible. Issues that arise at this point are often about permission to succeed, fear of failure, and perfectionism. If the ...

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