Courses and Workshops

Introductory Courses

How to Coach with NLP

If you're looking to learn NLP, become a coach, start learning NLP coaching skills or simply want to undertake some personal development and live a happier life this is the perfect place to start. This course is also module 1 of our NLP Practitioner training, meaning that should you wish to, you can continue your learning and move on to the next level.

3 days

NLP Core Skills

Learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Find powerful ways to create goals, reach them faster and with greater pleasure, solve work or personal issues, maintain stability whilst making changes.

3 days

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner with Advanced Coaching

*Our Flagship NLP and Coaching Programme* *Fully Certified - Three Modules, Choose to Attend In Person in London or Live Online* *Taught Exclusively by Robbie Steinhouse

10 days split over 3 modules

Advanced Coaching Courses

Advanced Coaching with Processes for Personal and Professional Transformation

Designed for those looking to advance their knowledge and skill in NLP and Coaching. Also suitable for anyone wanting to learn deep change techniques for their own personal development.

3 days

E-Learning At Your Own Pace

Advanced Somatic Coaching, with Judith DeLozier

*As Somatic Coaching with three additional powerful NLP processes: The Hero’s Journey; The Identity Matrix & Tracking Transitions*

Work at your own pace

Professional Entrepreneurship Coaching Certification

*Become a professional coach to small businesses* *Coach entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups & teams* *Learn a coaching approach for your own business* *Add smaller businesses to your existing practice*

Professional Leadership Coaching Certification

*Become a professional coach for corporations* *Coach corporate leaders and leadership talent* *Add large organisations to your coaching practice* *Learn a coaching approach to develop your career*

Professional Life Coaching Certification

*Become a certified professional life coach online* *Additional techniques to offer a wider coaching skillset* *Learn a coaching approach to your life & career* *Add life coaching as an additional business service*

Complete online at your own pace

Professional NLP Coaching Certification

*Become a professional NLP coach for individuals* *Add NLP techniques to your coaching skillset* *Learn a coaching approach to your life & career* *Add coaching as an additional business service*

Complete online at you own pace.

Somatic Coaching with Judith DeLozier

*Learn transformational somatic coaching* *Study with one of the originators of the somatic approach & of NLP* *Learn how the Somatic approach revolutionises change by bypassing the conscious mind* *Add somatic approaches to your existing practice*

Learn at your own pace.

Personal Development