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Designed and presented by NLP School founder, Robbie Steinhouse, this course will teach you all of the fundamental skills and tools required to provide life coaching professionally or to gain a coaching approach to your other roles in life. 

Why learn Life Coaching with Robbie Steinhouse?

 This course provides a comprehensive and professional life coaching package that can be reused as a method to run a coaching practice for life coaches. The saying, 'Coaching the client's entire life.' is a great motto for a life coach and this course provides a structure to do just that. Being able to support a client across a full range of roles and resulting projects. 'Supporting wealth, health and happiness' is a further good motto.

Included uniquely to this course is a Roles Coaching Process, enabling the client to define what roles they wish to improve, restart or initiate. This provides a personalised non-shaming and powerful methodology to identify areas of focus for the coaching. The coaching demonstrations also provide this comprehensive approach giving tools to expand the ability to coach in the following areas:

  • Roles Coaching

  • Start-up / ‘side hustle’ / small business / investing coaching approaches

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Goal coaching (which can be reused for each role and goal a client brings.)

  • Life purpose coaching

  • Values coaching

Step by step coaching sessions broken down
Unique to NLP School, this course is designed so it follows a realistic path of what a group of coaching sessions would actually be like between a coach and client. This gives a ‘fly on the wall’ experience of the entire coaching journey, from their first session together right through to the end of the coaching contract.
After each session, Robbie presents a further video explaining the coaching process and how it can be used in a broader context with different clients. Lastly, a questionnaire to test your knowledge and gain your certification.

The course uses the latest technology from Moodle, the world’s leading e-learning system and provides a state-of-the-art interactive experience, similar to attending a live coach training with the opportunity to interact and practice with other students.

Techniques to make a real difference for your clients now
For coaches, therapists or those with relevant training, Robbie’s experience as an NLP coach provides a powerful approach to help clients shift significant psychological blocks and build a roadmap for success and fulfillment in their lives. It also provides all that you require to run a coaching practice for private clients.
We also provide details of the leading professional accreditation bodies, along with their code of ethics and how to continue your development as a coach. 

If you would also like a sophisticated approach to your own personal development and success, where you can simultaneously gain a professional certification and make a positive and lasting difference, then this course is for you.


 The course was a great training for me. I found it very clear and thorough. The sample sessions with the client are very useful and the instruction manual accurate and complete. Good both for trainers and for clients, I do recommend. 
Elisabetta Giaretta, relationship counsellor, coach and professional trainer




Course Overview

You will develop life-changing skills, that will enable you to help clients establish and achieve their goals, define and align their roles and values and ultimately start fulfilling their life purpose.

What do you have to look forward to on the course? Watch the clip below for a preview of just one of the coaching sessions you will be studying.

In the certification you will learn:

  • The initial contracting session which forms the foundation and sustainability of the coaching relationship
  • Techniques to help diagnose obstacles and to then match the best coaching accordingly
  •  A wide range of coaching processes to foster strategic decision making and provide lasting change by helping the client overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Coaching models which provide the ‘bread and butter’ approach to continue to enable clients to make key decisions and design their future 
  • Processes to ignite personal vision and values so they can create a clear and consistent path to success
  • Concluding the coaching sessions and how to help the client to become their own coach

 The processes selected are very important for a future coach, they address key chunks. I can’t cheer enough for the contracting part, it’s such a vital part, I wish I had such a structure at the beginning of my coaching years, I struggled with how to do it and I lost a few good clients on the way because of the lack of a solid contracting base. 
Anca Rugina, Coach and Trainer


  • 8 + hrs Course-time
  • Coaching demonstrations and explanations
  • Self-paced video instruction
  • Reading content & exercises
  • Handouts & resources
  • Coaching practice forum
  • User support
  • Peer-to-peer messaging
  • Course progress tracking
  • Professional Life Coaching Certificate on successful completion
  • Unlimited course access

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