Learn new ways of thinking and behaving. Find powerful ways to create goals, reach them faster and with greater pleasure, solve work or personal issues, maintain stability whilst making changes.


3 days

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Presented by Robbie Steinhouse
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NLP is a set of tools used widely in organisations, performance and sports, marketing, personal development, education, and healing work; in fact, anywhere that involves human endeavour and communication.

In this three-day certified NLP training you’ll find powerful ways to create goals, reach them faster and with greater pleasure, solve working or personal issues and maintain stability whilst undergoing changes in your life.

You'll explore rapport and influence (including reading people), goals and outcomes, values and motivation,  models to improve relationships, powerful language models and a lot more (see below for more details)

It's also the first module of our NLP Practitioner certification; providing an easy and economical way to start on that path as well. (If Practitioner accreditation is your definite aim, then please click here to find out more and dates).

The course features UK CPD’s and can be upgraded to include ICF CCEs if required. NLP School also offers ANLP and NLPU accredited certification.

Why study NLP? Robbie explains how learning NLP helped him.

Course Overview

NLP for Personal Development.

NLP was created to find out what great communicators actually do and find a way of copying them using a technique called modelling. This is then taught in such a way that participants leave the course clearly knowing how to use these skills and principles. Here are some examples:

Rapport and influence
Great communicators are also great listeners. At NLP School, we believe that listening has two key components: 1. Body language and 2. Attitude. The body language is taught by demonstrating various exercises with proven techniques used in organisations ranging from the police, NHS and customer service in Holiday Inns. However, at NLP School we also explore the values and motivation of the ‘listener’ which is as important, if not more so, in creating genuine connection with people.

Another key skill is reading people, where we teach an evidence-based technique rather than guess work.
Many past students have told us positive stories about using this approach in job interviews, family communications and relationships with incredible results. Having these skills ‘in your pocket’ can make the difference in the future important meetings that may change the course of your life, we highly recommend them.

Goals and Outcomes
The saying “If you wanted it that badly, you would have it already” is at the heart of NLP’s approach to goal coaching and management. Finding blocks people are unaware of (that are often not obvious) can release new alternatives that make a genuine difference. Past students have said these techniques have not only opened up new paths in their lives, but revolutionised their approach to management, helping family members and friends as well as organising themselves better.

Values and motivation
Traditional training teaches skills and part of NLP training does too. However, NLP importantly also explores what creates the motivation to learn and what blocks it.  

Do you believe some skills are not possible for you to learn, or worthwhile? Do you sense these skills are not really you? Did aspects of your schooling or career make some things seem distasteful? Discovering the psychological drivers that hold people back can make the seemingly impossible, possible. As the saying goes, “If you can or you can’t you are probably right.”

One student said that after learning NLP, her ‘lens’ on the world shifted and she began questioning some of the basic assumptions about what was possible for her. It was this section she attributed to gaining a real shift for her. We hear many similar stories.

Models to improve relationships
Professionally or personally, having something in your ‘tool kit’ to effectively deal with conflict can be life changing, especially for ongoing painful relationships where you begin to lose hope. What participants commonly say is that this process massively reduces negative feelings and really helps new solutions to emerge.

Language and Senses
Words tell a lot about how people are thinking. Learning to notice aspects of how people think (especially when that is different to you) can change the way you interact and make your communication far more successful. For example, if someone say they can’t do something, asking ‘why’ will usually get a bunch of justifications. Asking ‘what stops you’ is far more likely to yield an improved choice.

Some people say, “If you don’t look at me, you don’t respect me.” Others don’t notice if people are looking at them or not. Learning how some people unconsciously value certain senses (“look at me” / seeing) while others value other senses can transform how you communicate.

Students have said that their relationships (both professional and personal) have been revolutionised by these simple ‘rules’.
One student also said they were so much happier as they began to notice when they broke these same rules in their own inner talk; they realised that they had a choice to challenge the very thoughts that made them feel bad in the first place.

About Your Trainer, Robbie Steinhouse

Your trainer is NLP Master Trainer and NLP School founder and director Robbie Steinhouse.
You can read more about Robbie here.

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