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What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic Coaching is a way of utilising both the movements and words of a client within a coaching session. It also provides an alternative way to bring about change by ‘teaching’ a client to understand the significance and structure of their movements. Once a client grasps how their movements also express their needs, wants and fears a range of techniques to bring about lasting change can be implemented.

This course provides a comprehensive and professional way to access somatic coaching, which will boost your coaching ability and positively impact your clients.
Our bodies not only express our mental, emotional and spiritual states to a coach, but also to ourselves. Somatic coaching in essence, ‘teaches’ the client to notice these powerful signals and also provides proven techniques to make positive change.
Often people with powerful intellectual minds can either cynically discount this work, or claim to value it while they remain firmly 'in their head'.

Once an intellectually orientated client sufficiently trusts their coach to ‘let go’ and guide them in this area, they find this type of work incredibly effective; paradoxically, they often have used their minds in the past to undermine progress as they are unconsciously fearful of change: the somatic approach is therefore truly revolutionary for such clients.
For others, the somatic approach is so intuitively appropriate, they are simply delighted to learn of its existence and take to these techniques like a proverbial ‘duck to water’. 

Being able to work out your own intellectual bias (and that of your client’s) will help guide you in how bold to be with this approach and is an important part of your own development.


In this video Judy demonstrates how to elegantly explore the client's problem space, using posture, breath, and movements of the body to strengthen, integrate and generalise deep level resources.

Somatic change work has gained popularity in recent years and Judy is one of the original creators in the field. Since the early 1970s, Judy’s work grew independently alongside other practitioners such as Peter Levine founder of Somatic Experiencing. Judy’s work will enrich the toolbox of therapists and coaches already familiar with some of these approaches.

A metaphor for a change worker or those who want to experience deep personal change is that of ‘an iceberg’. The vast majority of the iceberg’s mass lies under the water, with only a small percentage revealed on the surface. So it is for the change worker: it is essential that your own understanding of a subject is deep, so when you work with a client, they instinctively know that what you are showing (the tip of the iceberg) is backed up by something much deeper and more substantial (the rest of the iceberg). Likewise, this knowledge is significantly enriched when further backed up by your own personal experience of the change processes.

As Judy often quotes, “Knowledge is only a rumour until it is in the muscle."


About Your Trainer, Judith DeLozier

Who is Judith Delozier (Judy)?

Judith Delozier is a respected author, trainer, and coach in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is one of the original pioneers of NLP, having worked closely with co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder, she created or co-created a seminal range of fundamental principles in the field including Perceptual Positions, Six-Step Reframing, Somatic Syntax and the dancing SCORE.

Judy has co-authored several influential books on NLP, including "Neuro-Linguistic Programming Vol. I: The Study of the Structure of Subjective Experience" and "Turtles All the Way Down: Prerequisites to Personal Genius." She is also a co-founder, with Robert Dilts of the NLP University in Santa Cruz, California.

Judy is known for her innovative and compassionate approach to coaching and training, and for her ability to help people achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Her empathy, presence and humour help her build great rapport with her clients; however, she is also able to maintain her own boundaries and therefore energy and humanity.
This has enabled Judy to remain at the top of her game for the last 50 years, which is a blessing for her clients and students! We hope that this course will show you some of Judy’s magic.

Watch Judy tell her story in the video below.



Course Overview

The majority of this course is structured upon six coaching sessions with the same client. It maps their journey from the first session that covers a preparation process in Part 1. The next four following sessions are building somatic resources, until the final one where these resources are used to help heal the client to make positive change. Lastly, Judy guides a client through the Dancing SCORE process (created by Judy and Robert Dilts).

The course uniquely consists of live coaching video sessions with Judy guiding the client, so you can follow the process in real time,  step by step. There are also notes and explainers so that you can break down, understand and replicate each technique easily.


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