Robbie Steinhouse

Robbie Steinhouse is the founder of NLP School and one of the UK’s leading trainers in NLP and coaching. He is  our Head of Training, teaching many of our courses. Robbie’s pioneering approach brings NLP, Coaching and Transactional Analysis ...

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Stephen Gilligan: Guest Trainer at NLP School

See Stephen Gilligan in London on our Generative Coaching course with Robert Dilts. Get in touch for dates and details One of the hallmarks of successful and effective people is a deep sense of purpose and intention.  Without this, ...

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Stephen Gilligan

Judith DeLozier: Guest Trainer at NLP School

“Judith DeLozier obviously lives, breathes and practises what she teaches.” The Global Association of NLP “Judy brings a delightful light touch to the sometimes earnest world of NLP and allows all of us to find our dancer within.” NLPU ...

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Judith Delozier

Robert Dilts: Guest Trainer at NLP School

See Robert Dilts in London on our Generative Consulting Training. Go here for dates, offers and to book. “Robert is a fantastic example of someone who genuinely ‘walks the talk’. He has inspired so many coaches around the world, ...

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Robert Dilts

Reetta Vanhanen: Guest Trainer at NLP School

See Reetta Vanhanen in London by checking in HERE. I believe that all of us want to be loved and to love. We are all worthy of love. This human need is the foundation of my work using a ...

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Ed Hines: Guest Trainer at NLP School

To see Ed Hines at NLP School, check in HERE. Ed Hines was one of the original founders, along with Robbie Steinhouse, of NLP School Europe. He is an NLP Trainer, Martial Arts Teacher, Meditation Specialist, Environmental Biologist and ...

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Black and White Headshot of Ed Hines smiling and wearing a black T Shirt.