The basic NLP course

Our basic course is How To Coach with NLP, TA and Mindfulness.  It’s a basic life coaching certification that introduces the basic presuppositions, principles and tools of NLP, along with material from Transactional Analysis and the study of Mindfulness.  We feel these extra subjects form a perfect complement to NLP.

This course gives you the essential NLP processes to help you prepare for challenging situations,  deal with changing circumstances and end unwanted habits.

You can choose to continue on to the NLP Practitioner Certification at the end of the three days.  Many people do.

NLP Practitioner Training course

This is our core NLP course. Our NLP Practitioner Training course is a modular programme, with 10 days training spread out over a number of months. This is in line with the minimum hours of training generally recognised and accepted as a time standard for NLP Practitioner training for most NLP Associations.

As you research NLP providers you’ll come across very short courses claiming to provide practitioner training. Some providers find it more commercially attractive to condense the training and/or substitute audio and video materials for direct experience. We steer clear of this approach, as we feel it lacks depth. NLP is a complex and powerful set of skills which requires supervised practice.

Remember learning to ride a bike? Could you have done it by just listening, reading and watching, and never having a go?

NLP School is accredited by the Association for NLP, the CPD standards office and the ICF 

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