how NLP can help you

NLP, or neuro linguistic programming, is an extremely gentle yet powerful technique that can bring profound improvement to both your professional and personal life.

We live in a time when there is much confusion in how to lead our lives, be it our roles in work, with family, friends, our health, development and how it simply feels to be us on a day ...

  • It’s given me resources to deal with important (& non important) communication issues. I feel more confident about myself and my abilities and place in the world. I have tools to help with stress, to keep me calm, and put things in perspective.

    - Vanessa Ashton, Regional Development Manager, WaterAid

  • The training gave me great tools, models and processes to enhance my skill-set in a professional environment. Really well presented by a friendly and engaging trainer.

    - Ralf Osswald, Centre for Business Knowledge, Ernst & Young LLP

  • The learning is assimilating into my everyday consciousness. Recently, half way through a conversation which could have degenerated into an argument I actively used NLP tools to help the conversation continue in a relaxed manner while the issues were aired.

  • Absolutely loved the NLP training last week – I learnt skills to use in all walks of life with any age group – so positive for anybody to learn. It also gave me real skills which will help me in the future with my career change.

    - Heitor Fox

  • I welcome change, now, and feel more alive and up for any challenges. Thank you!

    - Ali Bukhari

  • The training has shed light on, and enabled me to reassess habits and patterns of behaviour.

    - Aidan Hawkes, writer

  • I learnt a lot about how best to communicate with others – but also how to communicate with myself, too, in terms recognising my limiting beliefs and the language I use when thinking about my future. Very much appreciate this – thank you.

    - Researcher

  • This training will help in all aspects of my life – in fact it already has! It has helped in the relationship with my husband, children and other family and they have noticed a positive difference in me.

    - Alice Scales

  • It will help me to move forward, understand myself more, and has given me techniques for a more positive, confident lifestyle.

    - James Foot

  • Professionally, I would like in the future to set up a mediation and negotiation office as an alternative to arbitration or court settlement. NLP skills will be a very useful alternative dispute resolution.

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We offer a wide range of events and courses to help you get to grips with NLP and coaching. From NLP taster days to exclusive talks from expert professionals, we have a wide range going on. See below for the different events we have coming up:

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