NLP is a set of tools used widely in management, sales, sports, marketing, personal development and coaching; in fact anywhere that involves human endeavour.

In this three day NLP accredited course you’ll learn:

  • Powerful ways to create goals
  • Reach them faster and with greater pleasure
  • Solve working or personal issues
  • Maintain stability or accompany change.

You’ll explore:

  • Rapport and influence
  • Goals and outcomes
  • Values and motivation
  • Models to improve relationships
  • Core coaching competencies
  • …and a lot more.

It’s also the first module of NLP Practitioner certification


We run this course twice a year, usually in Spring and Summer. See our course outline for this years dates.



Regent’s University, London NW1 4NS – See below.



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Further Training ( NLP Practitioner)

This course is also the introductory module of our ten day NLP Practitioner training. If you choose to continue we will credit the amount you have spent on this module towards the full NLP Practitioner course.

Need ICF credits or CPD hours?

This course is accredited by the CPD standards office. For coaches looking to renew their ICF credentials this gives CCEU with the ICF.

The training includes

  • We introduce NLP, what is it and how it began, the background vision and ethos and where NLP is now.
  • Coaching, how it informally began in the 1970’s and has since blossomed into a major business and personal development tool
  • How to professionalise your practice and how coaching fits with NLP.
  • Robbie introduces Transactional Analysis as created by Eric Berne and we cover the basics of this revolutionary tool for understanding human communication and go further into it as the course develops.
  • Background of Mindfulness and what is it, where and how it might have begun and what are the benefits of mindfulness
  • We thread mindfulness practice and state management throughout the course.

NLP Tools

Rapport and influence

Relationships are vital to real success in any field. We cover the use of language both verbal and non-verbal to extend your range of influence and deepen your connection with existing friends and colleagues.

Goals and outcomes

The outcome process gives a series of principles which maximise the likelihood of a goal’s success and which neutralise the most common mistakes. The process is scalable, from small decisions to major projects, and adaptable so that you can easily do it informally.

Values and motivation

People are reluctant to act against their values and keen to contribute if their values are met. We give keys to a simple process you can use to unlock people’s enthusiasm. You can apply the ideas easily into a normal conversation or make them part of a formal process. Either way, this works powerfully in goal planning, negotiations and relationship or team building.

Perceptual Positions

A powerful model you can apply to improve difficult working or other relationships, with individuals and in groups. It’s also superbly effective when working in conflict resolution and negotiation. It’s great for improving presentations, too.

TA (Transactional Analysis)

Developed by Eric Berne author of Games People Play, simply put the method of studying interactions between individuals. Learn to identify your own ego state and that of your client. An extremely powerful coaching tool and a huge leap in the field of psychotherapy

Core coaching competencies

Coaching is a skill that is increasingly valued within the workplace. It avoids the hazards of authoritarian or micromanagement, and helps individuals flourish in their skills, satisfaction and productivity. You don’t need to be a ‘coach’ to coach, the ideas and methods can be used equally by teachers, parents, friends and managers.

Attention training

Exercises to develop focused attention, which you can apply in all kinds of work and life situations. These exercises are also valuable as a means of relieving stress


Venue: Regent’s University, London NW1 4NS

Venue Phone: 02074877540

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Regent’s University London, Regent’s Park,
NW1 4NS,
United Kingdom



“The training gave me great tools, models and processes to enhance my skill-set in a professional environment. Really well presented by a friendly and engaging trainer.”

Ralf Osswald , Centre for Business Knowledge, Ernst & Young LLP

“I am more effective, more motivated and far less stressed. My family say I have improved – high praise indeed. My staff say I have improved – some have been caught smiling! I am now trying to coach staff rather than get on their backs when things go wrong – this has been far more productive. By far the best training I have ever had – highly intelligent, well paced and insightful.”

Chris Hellowell, Company Director

“I will be able to use the tools and techniques to increase my own self awareness and also as an enabler in learning and development interventions.”

Edwin Fernandes, Learning and Development Manager, Cable and Wireless

“I will use coaching styles with team members and use the exercises to train other managers.”

Alexandra Kopsitis, Training and Development Manager, London Hilton.

“I’ve now got the ability to step outside the situation and look in to see others’ points of view, and to get others to do the same.”

Pauline Heron, Commissioned Officer, Royal Air Force

Frequently Asked Questions

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About the trainer

Robbie Steinhouse is a highly skilled NLP Master Trainer and coach. Robbie combines real-world commercial acumen with a humorous style and tools from NLP, transactional analysis and coaching. He teaches our How to Coach with NLP, TA and Mindfulness and NLP Practitioner courses, and works with companies ranging from large corporations to small entrepreneurial businesses.

The video  below was taken at a previous How to Coach with NLP, TA and Mindfulness course. Robbie explains surface structure and deep structure and how to use NLP to gently challenge your client’s embedded beliefs.

All of our courses are certified