NLP Basics

Our NLP introduction, How to Coach with NLP, TA and Mindfulness three-day module will give you a great overview of NLP as well as handy tools to take away and use in your professional and personal life. On the course, you’ll learn an NLP process to prepare for challenging situations, models to deal with changing circumstances and the NLP approach to ending unwanted habits.

Sound useful? There’s an option afterwards to choose to attend further modules and gain NLP Practitioner Certification, but the course works just as well as a standalone introduction to NLP.

NLP Practitioner Training

Our core NLP course is NLP Practitioner Training, a modular programme with 10 days training spread out over a number of months. This is in line with the minimum hours of training generally recognised and accepted as a time standard for NLP Practitioner training for most NLP Associations.

As you research NLP providers you’ll come across very short courses claiming to provide practitioner training. Some providers find it more commercially attractive to condense the training and/or substitute audio and video materials for direct experience.

These weekly courses usually cost far more on a daily basis than the longer courses, so our question is: who do they really benefit? After all, NLP is a set of skills which requires supervised practice. Remember learning to ride a bike? Could you have done it by just listening, reading and watching, and never having a go? Swimming? Learning to drive a car?

NLP School is accredited by The Professional Guild of NLP, an organisation which does not accept providers which offer short courses. For more information about our NLP Basics course or NLP practitioner training, call us today on 02074287195.


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