NLP Dog jugglingNLP allows you to explore and adjust your habitual reactions and your effect on others. The training provides specific techniques which actually change how you behave instinctively in stressful situations. People are often delighted how well this works (and so are their family and colleagues!)

You will also learn how to access your most constructive and positive ‘states’ at will – for example to tap into your confidence in a stressful situation such as giving a presentation, or dealing with difficult people.

During our training, students get to do personal work. Small issues, material from work, deep personal issues – it’s your choice.  NLP is about ‘process’ rather than ‘content’ (a distinction which will become clear when you start the training), which means you can work on personal issues while keeping the details completely confidential. You can choose the amount of sharing and intimacy you feel comfortable with.

In your personal development NLP can help you:

  • Develop realisable plans that match your true values
  • Improve your health and relationships
  • Identify and change outdated beliefs and behaviour patterns
  • Learn new skills and take old ones to the next level
  • Communicate in a variety of contexts with diverse people
  • Bring out the best qualities of the individuals around you

NLP and Health

Mainstream medicine is becoming increasingly positive about the link between thought, emotion and behaviour and physical health. Numerous studies show behaviours such as eating patterns, emotional reactions such as anger and thinking patterns such as pessimism have been shown to directly affect health.

You can use the tools that NLP provides to change the emotional and thinking patterns, and the behaviours that they initiate, to improve the health of yourself and others.

Whether you are a health professional or simply want to improve the way your health impacts your life, NLP has a great deal to offer.  NLP will help you to

  • Lower general levels of stress
  • Plan for a healthier life and stick to that plan
  • Manage your mental state: learn to enter relaxed mental states that aid recovery and to react differently to stressful situations
  • Change unhelpful beliefs about body shape and other inherited conditions
  • Change habits and behaviours that damage your health into ones that sustain it

NLP and Personal Relationships

Rapport is the state of being ‘in tune’ with the people you meet, live and work with. Rapport exists naturally between us and people of whom we are fond, and NLP has many techniques for enhancing and maintaining this state.

Even having an intention to create rapport, simply because you value other people, creates an attractiveness, both in your intentions and your values.

NLP looks at the strategies people use to form and maintain relationships, and the criteria used as they do this.  These can differ considerably from person to person, though our default position is usually that other people go about relating in the same way we do.  Understanding these differences and our own uniqueness is a powerful tool for a happier personal life.

NLP also has tools for getting over past, unsuccessful relationships.


NLP and Changing Unwanted Behaviours

“Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.” – Spanish Proverb. If you’ve got a habit that’s holding you down, NLP has tools for change.  These include tools for changing beliefs that often drive unwanted behaviors, beliefs that are often can left over from much earlier times in our lives.