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NLP in the Workplace


Many courses on sales, presentations, planning and team-building are based on insights from NLP, though this is not often made explicit.  They use NLP concepts such as rapport, spatial anchoring, well-formed outcomes and perceptual positions.

So come and study them at first hand, then decide how you can best use them to meet your challenges in your workplace.


NLP and Management

The old model of simply telling people what to do is dying.  Instead, the twenty-first century manager is also a coach.  NLP School specializes in this modern approach, blending the relatively ‘hard’ skills of NLP with the client-centred approach of coaching.  We also teach leadership: our founder, Robbie Steinhouse, is a business leader and has developed his own leadership model.

Study with us and you will learn to:

  • Understand people’s communication styles and adapt to them
  • Set clear, reachable targets
  • Communicate more effectively and persuasively to influence and support individuals, groups or organisations.
  • Create and maintain a shared vision within a team
  • Understand the different roles of leadership and how to move elegantly from one to another

NLP and Sales/Business Development

Much sales training is based on core NLP techniques such as rapport and (less ethically) embedded commands.  In any environment where you are selling or being sold to, you need to understand how these things work.

These tools are also useful in influencing other stakeholders in an organization.  However they must be used ethically and with care – which you can best do when you understand them.

Our courses will help you and your staff to:

  • Listen (the most important sales skill of all)
  • Create rapport and build empathy
  • Understand customers’ listening styles and adapt to them
  • Use persuasion techniques ethically
  • Spot these techniques if they are being used unethically by others
  • Embed confidence when facing challenging sales situations such as a ‘big pitch’