I’ve attended 10 day training course Advanced coaching with NLP organised by this company. This was one of the best training programs I took part in. Without a doubt. I’ve attended it partly online and partly in person which was very easy and convenient for someone like me – a mum with a young child. The training was broken down in 3 modules , each 3 day long. everything was very well organised. Resource team very friendly and approachable. Lead trainer was very good. Robbie was presenting very well, breaking down complex content into smaller, easy to understand chunks, plenty of examples to follow. He is a friendly chap with a great sense of humour, which was welcomed considering the long sessions. I’ve met some lovely people and now most of us are still in touch. Received a certificate in the end and ability to be listed on a larger site – Association of NLP. Great value for money! Would recommend to anyone who consider learning more about NLP or interested to become a coach.