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You can simply practice the Core Meditation Practice every day for a week, then try the others. When you find one you like, stick to it.

Dip in and out of the others from time to time. Try the advanced practices after a few months. For more info click:

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Core Meditation

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Breathing Meditations

Three Tyres

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Moving the Breath

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Body & Moving Meditations

Body Scan

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Walking Meditation

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Golden Light

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Advanced Meditation

Life Purpose

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Five Aggregates

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Mindful Business Leadership

by Robbie Steinhouse

The question of what makes a great business leader has fascinated me for years. I am a leader myself – although I must admit I didn’t set out to be one. I started my niche property business back in 1987 more with the intention of having longer holidays rather than of becoming a leader. The business has since grown into one of the largest in the sector. Leadership is something I’ve found myself having to learn- initially by doing, later by study.

I am also a coach, and have run leadership programmes and worked directly with many leaders in organisations of differing sizes, helping others through all kinds of issues connected with leadership and its challenges.

My passion for personal development led me to study numerous approaches to leadership over the years but a while ago I decided to develop my own model. I wanted to find a way of combining the intellectual rigour of business psychology with the seasoned experience of the commercial world. The result is Mindful Business Leadership, I hope it will become your guide for lasting leadership success.