What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a practice that seeks to simplify the world of psychotherapy into self-help techniques that are understandable – and effective – for all.


Transactional Analysis has been popularized in a number of classic texts, such as Games People Play and I’m OK, You’re OK. Behind these popular books lies a serious and complex body of knowledge. Much was developed by former psychoanalyst Eric Berne, but many other therapists and thinkers have added to the discipline.

At NLP School you will learn the core concepts of Transactional Analysis and how to apply them in everyday life, both to understand the behaviour of others and to deepen self-understanding and self-mastery.

Who benefits from Transactional Analysis courses?

Transactional Analysis training can benefit people in a wide range of situations. Its concepts are used in many areas of activity, such as

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Therapy
  • Religious institutions
  • Management
  • Social work
  • Personal Relationships

Anywhere where understanding and motivating people is essential, Transactional Analysis Training can help.

Find out more about Transactional Analysis courses

Study Transactional Analysis with NLP School. We are based in Central London’s beautiful and convenient Regents Park. Our courses are led by author and international trainer Robbie Steinhouse, who has developed a reputation for combining a passionate commitment to the subject with down-to-earth wit and pragmatism.

Many of our courses teach Transactional Analysis, plus many more valuable tools and skills. Click here for more information on our upcoming courses.