What is leadership development?

RobbieThere are many kinds of leadership development training methods. At NLP School we take a coaching approach.

Few people perceive themselves as leaders, but many have these qualities within them. Advanced coaching techniques of the kind taught at NLP School will help people change their own self-perspective, their perception of their identity. This is often the shift that truly unleashes leadership potential.

Who benefits from leadership development

The most obvious beneficiaries of leadership training are executives and other people in management positions, who have day-to-day responsibilities for motivating others. However even entrepreneurs and self-employed people can use these skills: if you are ‘your own boss’, then learn to be a good one!

Find out more about leadership development courses

NLP School’s courses are based in Central London’s beautiful and convenient Regents Park. They are led by Robbie Steinhouse, who as well as being a coach, author and international trainer is a successful businessman in his own right. Robbie has developed a reputation for combining a passionate commitment to the subject with down-to-earth wit and pragmatism.

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