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 The past effects people—some let it decide who they are, while others make it part of what they will do.

     Eric Berne

The key idea behind this course is that of Life Scripts.
As children, we needed to work out our role in life and find meaning. However, we were confronted by a confusing array of information, much of it the product of others’ agendas for us rather than for our benefit (and some of it simply false).
Based on this, the only information available to us at the time, we ‘scripted’ ourselves a storyline and have since been driven to follow it as our destiny.

Here are a few examples:

  • Taking the weight of the world on your shoulders. It's all down to you.
  • Perfectionism. A drive to perfection where nothing is ever good enough.
  • People-pleasing. Always putting others’ needs above your own.
  • Perpetual anxiety. Living in fear of what could go wrong.

Discover your script and the beliefs and behavioural patterns that keep it in place.
Then rewrite it, changing it into a powerful and lasting force to help you live the life you choose to lead.

To ensure the change is lasting, we offer one on one support for a period of three months after the process.


The Rescripting process requires a commitment to lasting change and we'd recommend takin the course only when you are ready. 

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Course Overview

The course is structured as follows:

Day 1: Discover your Destination.
Who do you want to become? What stops you getting there?

Day 2: Identify your Life-Script.
Uncover the unconscious "story" you created for yourself in childhood, and the beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are keeping you stuck in it.

Day 3: Rescript Yourself.
Learn tools and techniques to change old beliefs and behaviours, rewrite your story and create a successful and meaningful life in a way that works for you. An essential part of this work is ensuring that the changes are permanent rather than a brief buzz of pleasure that then fades.

Who is Robbie Steinhouse?

Robbie Steinhouse is one of the world’s leading NLP trainers and coaches, with a reputation for witty and approachable presentation and firm but caring facilitation.

Starting as an entrepreneur in the 1980s, his relative success in business was not matched by personal fulfilment.

He began an investigation of how to be both happy and successful, exploring a range of therapies and ideas. Eventually he found a combination of techniques that finally gave him the happiness he so craved.

Some came from NLP and Transactional Analysis, but he also developed a number of his own. The Rescripting Process is one of these.

After this personal success, his business then really took off, enabling him to retire and fully focus on helping people change.
Robbie founded NLP School in 2003 with this aim in mind.
Based in London, our courses have helped thousands of students discover themselves and improve their lives.




I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Robbie and to NLP. 

It was quite a journey for me.  The first day was an intellectual understanding, the second was about realizing and changing deep rooted script I put on myself, and the third helped me build a new way of living my life with hope.

The first part of the course was logical and formal. Later Robbie added a lot more humour. When asked if I would be interested to do the re-scripting. I had no idea what it was but I was happy to explore, without knowing that it would change me from that day onwards. With an engineering degree, and MBA, 21 years of corporate life in IT consulting and HR, plus 10 years of entrepreneur experience, having lived in 8 cities of 5 countries, I would not think that someone could change the way I think of myself in less than one hour exercise. But I experienced it in re-scripting.

The journey forward is bright and broad!

Dana, Rescripting Process delegate


As long as I can remember I had carried within me a belief that I would die prematurely at the same age as my father and his mother, my grandmother.  Being a virtual 'clone' didn't help either! Looking back now, I see this belief as a black cloud hovering above my head.  

Back in 2008, whilst doing my NLP Practitioner training with Robbie Steinhouse, he included in one of our modules, a process he had devised that involved rescripting a 'family curse'.  I went along with the process, working on this belief I held, as I thought that as a 'family curse', my example was as good as it gets!  I approached the practical part of the session with a healthy dose of scepticism.  After all, how could an NLP process overcome something as strongly embedded as this?

The following week as I went back into my busy daily life, I took some time to reflect on the exercise.  I realised that when I thought about my father and grandmother, I no longer saw a connection to my own demise.  I was able to think about their dying without the accompanying sick feeling of pre-ordained doom that had been with me for so many years.  The black cloud never returned.

And now I'm delighted to say that I sailed past that age milestone - and am still very much here to say how much that process made a difference for me!

Rebecca Klug, Rescripting Process delegate



Fees and Application

Fees: £645.00 ex vat
Attend in person in central London
Attend live online

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