NLP Dog jugglingNLP is widely used in business. It has found its way discretely into many training courses on business,management, sales, presentations, planning and team building, (often without being credited by name.)

For the Human Resources professional, NLP provides powerful tools for conflict resolution and management development.

NLP is often used in sales and marketing.  Some of this has got the discipline a bad name (though this shows how effective it is!)  At NLP School we insist on an ethical approach.  We also want you to be aware of tricks that politicians, media and advertisers may play on you!  If you want to avoid having your buttons pushed without your consent, you need to know how the process works.

NLP is an ideal tool to either enhance or change your career.

In personal development, NLP has a wide range of uses, especially when teamed up with a coaching approach. You can use it to address personal issues or to help others do the same.  NLP allows people to examine unhelpful thought, behaviour and emotional patterns and to then change them.  It has tools to manage the effect of distressing memories and mental images.

NLP can be of huge help in setting health targets and sticking to them.

Many coaching training programmes borrow from NLP or use it as a base. Our courses have attracted many coaches seeking to deepen their understanding of their profession. Our Director, Robbie Steinhouse’s third book is called ‘How to Coach with NLP‘.

NLP is also used in sport, to help sports people model excellence, mentally rehearse achievement and get ‘in the zone’.