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Janet Woodjetts

I listen. I am curious and encourage you to be too. I create a safe and confidential environment for you to think out loud. I facilitate your thinking from different perspectives. 

Janet Woodjetts

As a Certified Coaching Supervisor and a renowned NLP Trainer, Janet has over 30 years of experience in Management, Coaching and Learning & Development.

Janet works with people to help them understand why their own beliefs might be holding them back and dismantle the barriers that are holding them back from their potential. Her aim is to allow clients to be in control of their own future.

As a coach, Janet will work with you on areas that you would like to explore and develop. Investing time to uncover blockages in your belief system can reward you with powerful insights into your own capabilities, behaviours, identity and goals in life.

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Janet has more than 25 years of training and personal, team and business development experience. You can take personal coaching sessions with her, or get in touch to discuss in-house coaching or training for your organisation.

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While many executives and senior managers have regular coaching sessions, it is not a process designed exclusively for them.

Everyone can benefit at some time from a structured coaching session that allows them to suspend a logical and often stressful approach to problems, decisions and situations and tap into their own resources, where inevitably they find a hidden strength and process that works for them.

A qualified Performance Coach, Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, NLP Trainer and Language Behaviour Profile Practitioner, Janet is also a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and works in a one-to-one coaching relationship as well as with teams and organisations to explore both personal and business opportunities.

Janet has worked extensively around the UK as well as in the Republic of Ireland, France and The Netherlands and uses her unique mix of commercial skills and NLP skills to ensure a balanced and motivational session.

Three hour coaching package: £450. Add the three-hour package to our How to Coach with NLP, TA and Mindfulness or Practitioner course for £250 plus VAT. Outside the London/M25 region there would be an additional travel cost if the coach travelled to your region.