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  • Advanced Coach Training- Processes for Personal and Professional Transformation
    21/11/2018 - 23/11/2018
    9:00 am - 5:30 pm

NLP School founder Robbie Steinhouse began his personal development journey as a successful but stressed entrepreneur asking “I’ve done so well, why do I feel so bad”? He studied various personal development tools – coaching, NLP, Transactional Analysis, ‘7 Habits’ and meditation / mindfulness – to a level where he ended up teaching them. However, none of them on their own seemed to provide what he needed. He began to develop his own Transactional Analysis model, drawing on what he felt were the most helpful insights from each. This model forms the heart of this programme.

Robbie was one of the first group of NLP University Certified Master Trainers and is now part of their international teaching team.

He is also a highly experienced ICF Certified Coach and has been presenting personal development, NLP and leadership seminars around the world for the last 14 years. He has published five books, which have been translated into various languages including Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Polish. Part of this programme is based on his latest book, Mindful Business Leadership published by Routledge.



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2 Regents Park Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 7AY, United Kingdom

Venue: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent’s Park Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 7AY

Dates: 21-23 November 2018

The Structure

Day 1: The Leadership Matrix. Identifying and working with core characteristics.

  • Vision and character
  • Leadership
  • Operations and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • The tenth element, mindfulness

Day 2: Identify childhood identity and resolve inner conflict
(Identity, Roles, Beliefs, Transactional Analysis, Dan tiens, life scripts)

Day 3: Create adult identity and gain tools to make your goals happen and stay in place.
(Rescripting, advanced time & energy management, self coaching )

Questions & Answers

Q: What will the course do for me?

A: The course teaches coaches to help their clients live happier and more fulfilling lives. You also learn how to apply the techniques to yourself. See our testimonials.

Q: How does it work and will it last?

A: Essentially, the course is about unearthing deep, destructive patterns of thought – life-plans, self-images, feeling a victim – and changing them. We all create these patterns in childhood, not just as passive recipients, but as bright, active but ill-informed beings eager to make sense of life. They then get stored beyond conscious awareness, where they exercise a malign influence, but remain (it seems) untouchable – at least partially because alongside the damage they cause, they continue to deliver some benefit, however minor. The work we do in this course is all about getting to them and working with them to bring about lasting change. Participants are allowed to fully honour their past and to bring forward all the benefits, especially protection, that the old thought-patterns provided. Just ditching an old self – or old selves – is never enough: the course enables you to develop a new identity that makes sense of the old but transcend it. That way, the change is lasting.

Q: How is it different from other personal development methods?

A: The traditional worlds of philosophy and spirituality link wisdom to core human values but ignore the psychology of how we can sabotage this link with unconscious ‘trigger’ responses. Psychology, in turn, is good at building models that show how things can go wrong, but often fails to create processes that actually deliver change: it is more a set of observations than a tool for living. Modern therapeutic techniques, including hypnosis and NLP, have created numerous change processes, yet lack an effective structure to make them work together coherently – you are given a set of tools but little advice on how best to use them. Coaching comes closest to the ideal, but can lack the depth to bring about lasting change: client-driven, it can allow people to skirt round the toughest issues.

By combining the best of these four disciplines – philosophy’s stress on core values, the clarity of psychological understanding, the power of therapeutic tools and the positivity and respectfulness of coaching – and adding to them a structure and a led journey, Leadership Coaching Skills delivers lasting change.

Early bird £495 ex VAT

Please email caroline@nlpschool.com for more information.

We want to make sure every delegate gets the best from this course. Delegates must either have completed our Coach Training with NLP, TA and Mindfulness course, or have had other equivalent training. If you have not been on our previous course, and wish to do these three days as a stand-alone, please provide Caroline with details of previous NLP, coaching or therapy study.


For Coaches looking to renew their credentials, this training is accredited with the ICF and gives 20 CCEU’s . For anyone who needs CPD this training gives 18 hours professional development with the CPD standards office.


‘Insightful, exciting and transformational on many levels. Steinhouse’s Leadership Matrix takes us on an extraordinary journey to help unlock true leadership potential.’

Eva Hamilton MBE
Founder & CEO

‘Robbie Steinhouse is a rare breed: a leadership expert who actually is an experienced business leader.’

Frank Pennal,
Chief Executive Officer
Property / Banking Division
Close Brothers Group PLC

Steinhouse is a highly successful entrepreneur & business leader. He is also a world authority on NLP. In this book he combines real-world business know-how with deep insight into what makes business leaders tick. The result is an important book for anyone who wants to do better at building and leading a business.

Mindful Business Leadership clearly explains the ten elements of leadership in the Leadership Matrix model. It describes instantly recognisable archetypes and their shadows, and explores how these archetypes can be used to develop a more flexible and effective leadership style. The second half of the book provides detailed practical exercises and guides about how to apply the Leadership Matrix personally to become a more successful and engaging leader.

Steinhouse is expert at taking complex ideas and presenting them in a clear and accessible way, without diminishing their power. With personal anecdotes, wide-ranging references, meticulous research and its author’s mastery of psychology, Mindful Business Leadership is a rich new resource that will help anyone who wants to improve their leadership in business and beyond.’

Francis Currie
Content Director
Wireless Group – inc. Virgin Radio, talkSport & talkRadio

“I had no idea what the Process was but I was happy to explore, without knowing that it would change me from that day onwards. With an engineering degree, an MBA, 21 years of corporate life in IT consulting and HR, plus 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, having lived in 8 cities in 5 countries, I did not think that someone could change the way I think of myself. But I experienced such change in the Process. The image of myself and my life I created has been with me from that day onwards.

“8 weeks later our class met again and I got consistent feedback from my classmates and Robbie, that I looked much happier with a changed spirit. I felt this inside, and they all witnessed it from the outside.

“Robbie’s teaching led me on a path of self-discovery to realize many gifts of life in my past journey with positive surprises. With these gifts, I feel equipped with the necessary resources within myself to embrace whatever life offers in my journey forward.”

Dana from China 2014