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  • Environment, Identity and Vision
    16/11/2019 - 17/11/2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm


8 Bis Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011, Paris, 75011


Formasquare Republique,
8 Bis Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris, France

Why is it so hard to find our life purpose? There certainly is no short supply of problems in this world that need solving. There is no limit on the number of people whom we could help, or inspire, or support. There is no cap on the number of passions we could pursue. Yet, our life purpose often feels just out of view.

This course covers some important questions often asked – especially if you left a course in the past feeling motivated and energised, yet somehow feel you have lost some of that inspiration.

Day 1 – You

Discovering your own purpose and working out what is getting in the way

Often people feel caught in the ‘horns of a dilemma’ – we want to make a difference but look back with a sense of shame or defeat of how little we have actually accomplished.

Mindfulness / Body Awareness

A new and helpful technique to develop the sometimes-opposing awareness’s of your mental processing and your physical intelligence. This is a helpful way to balance a focus on both physical and mental health. It also sets up the training of learning to balance opposing (but useful) forces within you.

We will include some processes to overcome and learn to transform these ‘shadows’ to become useful ‘parts’ of your team.

Day 2 – Community

Once you have clarified what your unique contribution will be, how can this fit into a wider context and ensure there is still a habitable planet for this vision to exist? This day will be working out who in the room can help sponsor your activities and who can form your wider network.

This will also feature techniques and processes to present your vision effectively and in doing so, often helps you clarify your message to yourself.

Lastly, a non-profit community will be created from this training so we can collectively help each other.

Our culture is at a tipping point. It is extremely polarised and faced with extraordinary social, environmental and technological challenges.
Mainstream media does little but skim the surface of current issues, fan the flames of division and propose business as usual perspectives. However just the fact that the environment is no longer a fringe issue is a sign that the time is ripe to leverage change personally and collectively.
There is a growing recognition that the need for change is urgent. You can choose to ignore the situation or you can take part in consciously working to steer it. If you choose the latter then this course will provide a context, frame and support to proceed.



The course will utilise, amongst other tools the following techniques.

The Logical levels

Stoic principles and methods


Mindfulness, Meta and Somatic and Co-Meditation

Subject specific content – footprint tools, offsets, promising technologies