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  • Advanced Coaching
    04/12/2019 - 06/12/2019
    9:00 am - 5:30 pm


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2 Regents Park Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 7AY, United Kingdom

Day One

The Leadership Matrix.
Drawing from my 30 years setting up and running successful businesses, I originally set out to create a developmental tool that combines the intellectual rigours of business psychology with the seasoned experience of the commercial world.

I use archetypes to explain the capability sets of the many business functions. All of which present different intellectual, emotional and personal challenges. What are the benefits to you? In one day you can learn the tools and tips that took me 30 years!
The Six Parallels:
An exercise based on the Logical Levels, originally designed for entrepreneurs but now expanded to contrast anyone’s personal and collective worlds.

NLP is about “the structure of subjective experience”. An important part of that experience is time. How do we represent the passage of time to ourselves, how do your clients experience the passage of time?

Day Two

Many psychological models are based on the notion that our personality is made up of different parts. When these parts are at war, anguish results.
We will cover Parts integration. You will often find that you or your clients are incongruent over an issue e.g. “I hate my boss but I must be nice to her or I will get the sack” This uneasy mix of the two parts needs to be resolved. Being in this state of being pulled in two different directions by two different sub personalities is called being simultaneously incongruent.

We also cover Six step re-framing; this process argues that a given behaviour is carried out by a part of the person. With problem behaviours it is likely that the part responsible will have poor communication with the rest of the person, the success of this technique depends on re- entering communication with that part and establishing its positive intention.
We go deeper into Transactional Analysis (TA) and cover:
Integration and Decontamination:
The aim is to produce the Integrated Adult possessing Ethos (a set of values) and Pathos (the ability to empathise with other human beings).

Script, Games, Drama and Life Positions:
Eric Berne (the creator of TA) believed that we spend much of our lives acting out a story about ourselves that we have “written” at an early age (probably around 5 or 6) If we all wrote positive stores the world would be a much happier place. Sadly not all of us do. Some individuals write “winning” scripts where they get love just by being themselves, others are sent destructive messages about what they must do to get love, for example,

“You can’t do that, let me do that for you”
“Get Lost”
“Go play on the Freeway”
First expressed by Berne in his famous book “Games People Play”. Have you ever been roped into a game? Games scripts include:” I’m okay you’re not okay”. “See what you made me do”. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of you”.

We help you to spot when you have been caught up in a game and how to understand what could be going on. Games can often occur in coaching and it is very important to observe if the client is engaging in a game.

The Drama Triangle:
Again part of games in Transactional Analysis and famously identified by Berne. Games often operate via this mechanism and people are described as being “on the triangle” if they are acting out one of three roles: Persecutor, Rescuer or Victim. Watch out for people who habitually take up these roles, and at the same time understand that everyone falls into these traps from time to time, and that everyone includes you!
I believe this to be a truly transformational process based on TA and tools from NLP.  Berne believed that life scripts are created in childhood. The process invites you to explore the identities, roles and beliefs that make up your current life scripts. Discover what your script is. Is it a winner script, a banal script or a loser script? How can you (or your client) find a new, better one that fits with who you are now?

Day Three

Re-scripting continued:
Close the show and put a whole new show on the road.

Archetypes and their energies:
Including Stephen Gilligan’s Strength, Softness and Playfulness. We will also cover Gilligan’s three minds, the Cognitive Mind, the Somatic Mind and the Field Mind.

Advanced Time & Energy management:
The key to time management is to efficiently capture necessary activities without having the “need” to respond to everything immediately. The ability to let your mind relax and be truly spontaneous and present provides the refreshment that your system needs from living a busy life. It gives you the energy to be both productive and happy.

Being Good to yourself:
Including keeping promises to yourself, investing in yourself, NLP yourself, and discover your mission.


Major and permanent changes happen at the level of identity, beliefs and values.

These three days will teach you tools and techniques to:

  • Gain insight into your own Leadership strengths and where you can improve.
  • Help others identify their Leadership strengths and where they can improve.
  • Understand The Capability Sets of the many business functions.
  • Discover your own identity and purpose and define your life goals.
  • Coach others (and yourself) at all levels, including challenging seemingly intractable beliefs and values.



ICF Accredited.