Join us live online for a coaching demonstration of an NLP style process based on Robert Dilts’s Disney Imagineering Process and the Parent, Adult, Child model from Transactional Analysis.

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5.00 pm - 6.45 pm GMT 1.75 hours


  • PD hours: 1.75
Presented by Robbie Steinhouse
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Creativity, in its broadest sense, means using a different coaching approach to start any form of new project: from writing a book; starting/ growing a business or launching a new career. Everyone is creative, but often it is dormant in us or even shamed out of us at a young age.
It is therefore important to identify any limiting beliefs to release this driving force of human achievement.

Many of our great plans or undertakings come to nothing because of how we think rather than because our plans are too stretching or are merely day-dreams.

If we use a muddled, unclear approach the undertaking can appear overwhelming and so big that it’s quickly dropped.  But if we use the Disney Strategy to think things through in a strategic and systematic manner this makes things clear, manageable and practical, without losing any of the magic!

The session will include time to practice the process in Zoom breakout rooms.

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 Image of Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel by Taylor Rodgers on Unsplash.

About The Trainer

Robbie Steinhouse is the founder of NLP School and our Head of Training. 
He is also a business leader, NLP Master Trainer (one of only very few worldwide), ICF certified professional coach, and published author in the fields of business and personal development.

Robbie started his career over 30 years ago and gradually built up his niche property business to become one of the largest in the sector, at its peak employing over 60 people.
In the late 90's, whilst being on the surface very successful, Robbie found himself undergoing a search for a more fulfilling way of living, he journeyed through many personal development techniques and theories but found that, for him,  NLP was the most effective, in particular Coaching with NLP. 
He immersed himself in the subject and quickly became a Master Trainer, ultimately giving the day to day running of his companies over to a management team whilst focusing himself almost entirely on coaching and training through NLP School.

During his time as Director and later Chairman of his group of companies, he instilled a coaching culture across the directorial and management teams with great success. It is this knowledge of how NLP and coaching can be practically applied both in business and personally, along with his engaging and humorous style that makes him such a sought after trainer.

You can read more about Robbie and see videos and press interviews here.