Environment, Identity and Vision – Your Purpose and Planning on a Changing Planet.


Why is it so hard to find our life purpose? There certainly is no short supply of problems in this world that need solving. There is no limit on the number of people whom we could help, or inspire, or support. There is no cap on the number of passions we could pursue. Yet, our life purpose often feels just out of view.

This course covers some important questions often asked – especially if you left a course in the past feeling motivated and energised, yet somehow feel you have lost some of that inspiration.

  • Uncertain World – Eco-anxiety / Footprints
  • Goal, Project and Legacy setting
  • Tools For Tranquillity – TA / Epictetus / Circles of the Psyche/ Stoicism
  • TA Shadow on a TimeLine Exercise
  • Dream Project Coaching Creation Exercise
  • Does everyone need a vision / Anti-Guru
  • Creating Sponsors and Community Exercises
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Human appetites and needs
  • Interoception & Proprioception
  • Ongoing Community