Learn the seven steps of generative consulting, along with the supporting competences and tools.


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Learn team coaching directly from NLP Co Developer Robert Dilts.

To 'generate' means to create something new. The focus of “generative change” is to cultivate creativity: in your teams, your venture, your relationships and yourself.

The goal of Generative Consulting, in particular, is to help teams and organizations evolve and function in ways that are both new and more effective. To accomplish this, a generative consultant integrates multiple interventions for his or her clients in order to reach key organizational outcomes that have potentially never been achieved before.

The process of generative consulting brings together a unique and powerful set of building blocks. It is organized around Robert's SFM DIAMOND Model, which includes applying the seven-step generative consulting model to the three critical areas of business success: growth, crisis and transition. Drawing from the Success Factor Modeling of Next Generation Entrepreneurship, Collective Intelligence and Conscious Leadership and Resilience, each of the seven steps may be implemented through a variety of models and tools (depending upon the situation) and is supported by nine core generative consulting competences.


Drawing from his collaborative  book Generative Consulting: Tools for Creativity, Consciousness and Collective Transformation, Robert will guide you through the seven steps of generative consulting, along with the supporting competences and tools.
You will learn how to make a diagnosis and apply the results to create a direction and a path to bring a team or organization to a new and higher level of performance. You will also learn how to identify and deal with obstacles to success, track the progress of your consulting intervention and design practices and follow up sessions to sustain and deepen the changes that have been achieved.




The Seven Steps of Generative Consulting include:

  1. Diagnosing the present state
  2. Intention setting
  3. Action planning
  4. Moving to action
  5. Obstacle transformation
  6. Noting progress
  7. Deepening the changes

Key to applying these seven steps in Generative Consulting is the ability to establish and maintain a generative state of “creative flow” in yourself and with your clients. This state emerges through the interplay of cognitive, somatic and relational dynamics.

This course is based on Dilts' Strategy Group book Generative Consulting. For an overview click here

About Your Trainer, Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts has a global reputation as a leading developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of NLP since its creation in 1975.

A long time student and colleague of both Grinder and Bandler, Robert also studied personally with Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and Gregory Bateson.

In addition to spearheading the applications of NLP to education, creativity, health, and leadership, his personal contributions to the field of NLP include much of the seminal work on the NLP techniques of Strategies and Belief Systems, and the development of what has become known as “Third Generation NLP.”

Some of his techniques and models include: Reimprinting, Integration of Conflicting Beliefs, Sleight of Mouth Patterns, The Spelling Strategy, The Allergy Technique, Neuro-Logical Levels (The Logical Levels), The Belief Change Cycle, Generative NLP Patterns, the Unified Field Theory for NLP and many others.

Robert Dilts is the author of more than 20 books on the applications of NLP to a variety of topics.

Recognized internationally as one of the foremost developers, trainers and practitioners of NLP, Robert Dilts is a consultant and trainer  to a wide variety of professional groups and organizations worldwide.

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Attend Live Online £895.00, £530 ex vat
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