1st June, 7 to 8.30 pm. NLPU Master Practitioner Q&A with Robert Dilts & Faculty. Come along to our free evening event with Robert Dilts and the faculty of NLPU to cover their 6-19 August Blended Zoom training.

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7.00 pm to 8.30 pm BST


  • Free


Join Robert Dilts, Judith Lowe, Judith DeLozier and Robbie Steinhouse for this 90-minute event on the 1st June to cover questions about the 6-19 August Blended Zoom NLPU Master Practitioner. The talk is for:

 - NLP Practitioners considering taking a Master Practitioner qualification
 - NLP Master Practitioners who want to become NLPU certified via the ‘bridge’ training.

NLP University gives the benefit of learning from NLP pioneers, Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier, who apart from contributing to the original field in the 1970s, have also invented techniques such as the following that will be included in the training:

  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Re-Imprinting
  • The Belief Change Cycle
  • Somatic Syntax
  • The Dancing SCORE
  • Sleight of Mouth
  • The SCORE Model
  • The SOAR Model
  • The Tetra Lemma
  • Meta Mirror
  • And so much more!

Robert Dilts is the lead trainer for this course. Other trainers, including NLP School’s Robbie Steinhouse, also teach parts of the syllabus. Please see for more information.

NLPU International is a place where people from around the world gather to learn quality NLP. NLPU maintains high standards, promotes innovation and supports the future of the field.
This summer, they will be running their Master Practitioner Programme online from Santa Cruz - so no matter where you are in the world, you can join Robert and his impeccable teaching team for the programme.

International time zones are accounted for, so wherever you are in the world –  come along and find out more about this life-changing, world-class training.

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