Set specific goals and bring them to life. 9th February, 90 minutes

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12.45pm - 2.15pm GMT


Presented by Robbie Steinhouse
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In this 90 minute session we will teach an NLP coaching process called The Well Formed Outcome.

Often we can unconsciously resist or sabotage our goals (or outcomes) because we fear that in achieving them we may lose some part of ourselves, or that we somehow don't deserve success.
Some goals may have unintended consequences that if not properly planned for can cause internal conflict. This internal conflict may also cause us to resist achieving the goal.

Traditional coaching has the GROW model which is often appropriate, as a goal can be described in general terms. However NLP argues that an outcome represents an opportunity to go beyond mere goal setting and specifically endows us with a very clear understanding of what to do.  

Goals (or outcomes) are also much more likely to be achieved if they are integrated with all aspects of our life; relationships, finances, ethics, health, body, etc. The Well-Formed Outcome Process offers a process to fully "check in" with every aspect to ensure that the goal can be set with due respect to each.

This session is suitable for anyone wishing to set and achieve their own goals and for coaches that want to learn to coach clients to create compelling and congruent futures for themselves.