*Identify and understand the beliefs at the root cause of inner conflict* *Learn a simple 5 step process towards congruence and clarity*


Join NLP School Director Robbie Steinhouse for this interactive and informative 2-hour session. Learn how to resolve inner conflict in yourself and how to coach others through the same simple process.

What is Inner Conflict?
Inner conflict is the result of two opposing motivations inside one person. Self-conflicted motivations may be based on conflicting beliefs or conflicting needs.
For example you may feel that you need to be more assertive in your job role but fear that speaking up will cause you to be ridiculed or put down.
Conflicts may not be catastrophic issues and sometimes you can resolve them simply enough, however some decisions or actions made through not understanding an inner conflict can be devastating and in severe cases actually sabotage your life. 
When the beliefs or needs behind a conflict are unconscious or misunderstood, but you still experience the resulting symptoms, for example fear or anger, real problems occur. It is these types of more damaging inner conflicts, based on often unconscious biases or beliefs, that we will work with in this session.

The session will include time to practice the process in Zoom breakout rooms.

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