Skills for the 21st century leader: March 16th, 90 minutes

Live online events

12.45pm - 2.15pm GMT


Presented by Robbie Steinhouse
  • Free


Leadership skills are now an important addition to any professional development programme and have expanded far beyond their traditional domain of senior directors. They are incredibly useful skills to apply in all relationships - we would argue they are also a ‘must-have’ in parenting, teaching and in almost every sphere of human endeavour. Anecdotally, our HR contacts have told us that leadership skills are in huge demand at all managerial levels within organisations.

In this session Robbie will teach you how to develop and refine your leadership skills using the Leadership Matrix, featured in his book Mindful Business Leadership. It is a unique developmental tool created using modern leadership theory based on archetypes. The model is also based on Robbie’s 30 years of real, on the ground experience running several successful businesses.

This free online course will help you to:

  • Assess your own leadership capabilities and skills 
  • Learn a visual coaching model – where you can use the graphic (image below) as an aide-memoire for strategic decision making.
  • Learn how to use this model and ‘visual approach’ to coach and develop leadership abilities in others.

The distinguishing factor between a manager who executes the processes of their superiors and a leader who looks to evolve and replace processes is being able to adopt a clear mindset to determine a course of action. In this session you will learn the key to creating that mindset for yourself, and, using a coaching approach to foster it in others.

Robbie argues that leaders rise beyond their original skills set to become generalists. They gain sufficient knowledge of the wider skill sets within an organisation so they know  “how to broaden an argument" taking it beyond the comfort zone of their own specialism, using the appropriate approach at the right time  - and at the appropriate intensity, so as to skilfully ‘do the right thing’. We will introduce these elements and clearly show you how to access each one.

We will use the breakout rooms function in Zoom so you can practice using this coaching approach and be coached through it yourself.