Have you ever listened in suprise as someone aggressively tells you they are kind, considerate and approachable? Oftentimes the story that people believe about themselves is not what you as a coach (or friend, colleague, manager etc) will experience
The essence of coaching is helping a client move out of a ‘story’ where they may feel angry or victimized and an essential element of NLP Coaching is helping someone move out of content to becoming curios about their process.

Acknowledging the story.

The coach needs to acknowledge the story, yet encourage the client into a space where they become curious of repeated patterns of thoughts and behaviours which make the ‘story’ all too familiar. In other words helping someone move out of the content of the story and being curious about the process of what they are doing. Understanding the process can give you as a coach much more information about what is really going on with your client.

This can have profound effects for the client and really help them move forward.

I cover this in the video below, and also on our Coach Training with NLP, TA and Mindfulness course in October. The course is a stand-alone three day introduction to NLP and Coaching and is also the beginning of our full ten day NLP Practitioner training.

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