Some people make hasty decisions and clean up the mess afterwards, while others ruminate for ages, finding any decision making hard. A middle course of reasonable reflection and then action is what I would define as a naturally good decision maker.

I have found that people often excel at decision making in certain parts of their lives: career, relationships, wealth, health, contentment, etc. However, for many people there is one area that eludes them and this is the area where decision making is more of a challenge.

How do we come to decisions? How do our brains work to come to a conclusion?

Neurologists have identified part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex, which combines the ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’ parts of our brain. If this area is damaged it can produce strange results, where someone is able to function rationally, but unable to make any decisions at all.

The moment of decision is actually an emotional brain response. As we make literally millions of decisions; decision making is an unconscious skill, much like walking, our brains know how to decide.

Robbie is the author of Brilliant Decision Making and is an NLP Master Trainer. He will be teaching NLP courses in central London beginning in October.

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