Take a look at the clip to see Shelle’s 45 second pitch on YouTube!

Shelle is pitching her new project, Weongozi, which embeds advanced psychology into technology to:

  • Improve response rates in advertising,
  • Solve customer problems more quickly
  • Create great relationships.

Shelle is leading an exciting international collaboration amongst world experts in Computational Linguistics, Neuro-linguistic Programming, LAB Profile®, and Artificial Intelligence, including DFKI (The German Artificial Intelligence Institute).

Libretta™, their major project, is a disruptive technology uncovering the complex motivators that drive people’s behaviour through analysing the language structure in their communications.

It recommends the exact words and phrases that match how they think and make decisions to dramatically increase response rate, and solve customer problems much quicker.

Their ultimate goal:

To change how companies and people communicate by understanding others and to license this technology to others.

Shelle’s Language and Behaviour Profile Practitioner will be hosted by NLP School in central London from 23 to 25 May, 2013. 

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