We’ve had three enquiries this week from people seeking help with phobias.

The NLP Phobia Cure has become a key part of NLP coaching over the last 25 years: it is simple and it works.

The traditional Freudian approach to phobias was to relate them to complex and deep neuroses. To NLP (and to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), phobias are learnt responses to specific situations.  The phobic reaction is often learnt from one particularly traumatic ‘reference experience’, though often ‘confirmed’ by other subsequent experiences.  Our job, as NLP practitioners, is to help people, or yourself, ‘unlearn’ as quickly as possible.

Though designed for full-blown phobias, the technique can also be used on less powerful but nagging and annoying fears – though there are simpler, more elegant, ways of dealing with these.

Covered in Module 3 of NLP Practitioner training.

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