Stephen Gilligan colour pixelsThere are twelve archetypes in her model, based on the work of Jung:

  • Innocent
  • Orphan
  • Warrior
  • Caregiver
  • Seeker
  • Destroyer
  • Lover
  • Creator
  • Ruler
  • Magician
  • Sage
  • Fool

The idea of the model is that human development needs us to pass through all of these stages. The ultimate goal is for each of us to benefit from all of the positive qualities of each of these archetypes. However, often certain archetypes become dysfunctional, usually caused by difficult transitions in early parts of our lives, leaving us ‘stuck’ with certain repetitive issues and problems.

The Innocent archetype gives rise to great optimism and hope, yet also the possibility of naivety.  When the Innocent is lacking, a person may be unrealistically gloomy and refuse to believe in a positive future; this may manifest itself in aspects of the Orphan archetype. However the aspects of the Orphan are a sense of independence and self-reliance.  The Warrior archetype takes this further, with the ability to act decisively and assert boundaries. When the Warrior is out of balance, a swing towards savage behaviour can do great damage. The Caregiver can heal this damage, and so on, moving through the rest of the archetypes.

The transitions through the archetypes are partly a journey, but they are also interconnected. The phrase, “you cannot build a house on weak foundations,” applies – we need to heal parts of our early journey to fully live authentically in the present.

Identifying the underlying source of our problems and limitations releases a huge amount of personal power. I look forward to seeing Stephen in action and watching an “Archetype Master” at work. Book your place on the course now by visiting:


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