The area was familiar to me as I did my NLP trainer training here a few years ago and apart from my favourite sushi restaurant turning into a hamburger joint, it all seemed similar. (I found Sushi Garden, which is even better, in a place nearby called Capitola).

The Redwood trees in the campus are as spectacular as ever and the baby deer that wander around, not scared by people, are amazing.

Robert Dilts has come up with a new acronym called COACH.  Before we began exercises we spent a few minutes getting into a COACH state – very useful.

Start by Centring yourself in your body
Open yourself up to experience
Have Awareness of your environment and internal state
Notice your Connection to others
Create a Holding space.

Robert is also a keen runner and goes running for an hour every day. I thought I would try a COACH state while running myself, and it was useful to spend a bit of time on Aware, to ensure I didn’t fall over!

I’ll finish this post to say that people had come to the training from all over the world: NLP is truly a global field.

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