For those of us who won’t be wearing lycra on a podium anytime soon, the same techniques are just as useful for all sorts of challenging situations at work and at home.  These can range from preparing for difficult conversations, presentations, interviews, reviews, and much more.

NLP and Sports

Whether you’re a professional athlete, an occasional amateur, a team coach or just a coach to your kids, NLP can help you improve performance and also get greater enjoyment from sport. You can use NLP to:

  • Manage mental states and access ‘the zone’
  • Set and meet performance goals
  • Change self-limiting beliefs about performance
  • Model and learn from leaders in the field
  • Rehearse skills and performances mentally
  • Believe that every bad scenario can be overturned; the difference between fighting on

Our beginner’s NLP course runs October 4th to 6th in central London.

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