As NLP appeals to such a wide audience, I believe I successfully framed that whatever your profession you can recontextualise the material to apply directly to you: in relating to clients, customers, family members or partners, and whatever you do for a living.

What I missed saying was the following. If you come for your own personal development then NLP gives you extra benefits but also extra responsibilities.

In a seminar, where the teacher ‘does it to you,’ you don’t benefit from one to one work on your own issues. However, by leaning to coach the NLP way you get to receive lots of individual attention from other people. There’s a quid pro quo though; you also have to provide attention to others.

In any event, often if you come to NLP training ‘for yourself’, learning to improve how you relate to others can give you a better life and thereby give you the personal improvements you seek. Perhaps this is where you neglected to look in the first place.

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