Who am I talking about?  These are comments about our guest trainer, Shelle Rose Charvet.

Shelle will be training on our NLP Master Practitioner programme which begins in March, and her module, Words that Change Minds: LAB Profile Practitioner training, can also be taken separately. 12 to 15 May 2011.

However much information I can offer about Shelle, you really need to see her in the flesh to understand the light touch she brings to her prodigious knowledge.

Take a look at her Top Tips video clip series on YouTube.  From “How to stay calm when dealing with your family” to “How to have a dynamic opening to your presentation”, the topics cover communication issues in work life, personal relationships, sales, presentations and more.  I particularly liked the ‘How to tell someone their zipper is undone’ clip, and I suspect I should get around to watching ‘How to end procrastination now not later! ‘

(Shelle’s Canadian, hence zipper rather than fly, and her stint with NLP School is a great chance to train with her on these shores.)

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