The piece looks at particularly barriers to learning at what the NLP Logical Levels model would call the Identity and Belief levels.

Our feelings of identity are deep, powerful and well protected.  When training hits an “identity level” barrier, some way of preserving existing identity and merging the new capability with it needs to be found.

The other main level at which people encounter barriers  to learning is belief.  Impossible – “I cannot do this”    Inappropriate –“I should not do this”

A simple question like, “what stops you” can get the unconscious mind working on the block.  Someone who says, “I can’t study anything,” can be asked “Anything,?” to challenge the excessive generalisation.  Even if at the time the defensive individual will not accept this, you’ve sown the seeds of critical doubt.

The article isn’t online, but if you’d like a copy, email
Training & Management Development Methods. Vol. 25 No. 1, 2011

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