Question: “I’ve bought your book and I must say it really struck a chord with me because it really explains, word-for-word, what I’m feeling right now. In Chapter 1, in “Do a deal as quickly as possible”, you talk about ‘What is the worst that could happen?’ when you try to sell your idea/product/service, and you mention: – ‘The person will hate me, and tell everyone else what a jerk I am and thus ruin my reputation.’ Although I recognise this is an irrational fear, this is exactly what I think and it REALLY paralyses me. I don’t know how to overcome this.”

Here’s my response.

  • Try to find out where this belief came from. Did you create it or did you borrow it from someone else?
  • Be pleased you know it! Sometimes 90% of the journey is simply becoming aware of your limiting beliefs. Most people simply don’t do things and don’t know why. Now you know you have this knowledge, coaching, reflection, conversations and modelling people who embrace sales all become available to you.
  • Most people have a certain shyness, that’s normal: people who are completely brazen can be off-putting. Nonetheless, a good definition of sales is the following: “Sales is the process of making buying something easier for the customer.” Remember that you will ultimately sell something to someone who would buy something similar to what you have to offer from someone else. Your job is simply to make that process pleasant for the individual involved.
  • Think about positive experiences you have had buying products or services: I am sure you would be irritated to deal with someone who was so focused on their own dislike of selling that they didn’t focus sufficiently on your needs. To use an NLP term, reframing: selling is about putting yourself in the shoes of the customer who wants good service.”
  • Consider getting a coach; a couple of sessions may help you.  I suggest

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