Comments about the trainer, 

“It’s easy to say ‘excellent’ as a cop-out, but literally the trainer was superb.  Engaging, witty, professional.”

“Really good presenter – very funny, engaging, and very good communication.”

Comments about the NLP taster day content

“I got some great, practical ideas and exercises that I can use both at work and in my private life. “

“It’s certainly improved my self-awareness and has made me look at preconceptions and assumptions I make about how others view the world. Great introduction to the possibilities of NLP.”

“This course will help me have better confidence and rapport at work.”

“A great introduction to NLP and the personal development I need as a manager of people and dealing with difficult discussions with staff.  An interesting and thought provoking day.”

“It will help me understand how people communicate with each other, and help me improve relationships with family and friends.”

“What I learned will help me communicate with my children, and hopefully increase my toolbox of strategies for difficult situations I need to help them through.  Also it will help me manage my feelings and frustrations in everyday life. NLP showed me that I can change the way I respond to certain situations.”

My favourite feedback?   One person confessed she was “heartened to see that the course attendees are normal people!” adding, “Quite a few seemed to be business oriented, which made the learning more relevant to me.”

After a taste of NLP for yourself , your staff or someone you know?  Our introduction to NLP course, NLP Essential Skills, runs 15 to 17 June or 29 September to 1 October. Click here for details.

By Rose Murphy

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