The model, created in my first nlp book, Think Like an Entrepreneur, was called IDEAS.  It works as follows:

Map four qualities of leadership onto the each of the four knuckles of one hand and use the NLP process of anchoring to associate the state or energy of that quality with the respective knuckle.

The four business qualities are I for Innovation, D for Doing (operations in business), EA for External Advisor (finance in business) and S for Stakeholders (sales in business).

The four personal development qualities are I – Innovation, (the visionary or spirit self),  D for Doing, (the physical self),  EA for External Advisor, (the intellectual self) and S for Stakeholder, (the emotional self. ) By anchoring these qualities separately on each knuckle, I found a rapid and holistic way of accessing these qualities or states and also the ability to fully associate into each part to consider some of life’s big questions.

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