• The NLP Conference
    28/04/2017 - 30/04/2017
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Promises to Self: Coaching Daily Practices with NLP and TA.

Before starting NLP School and the Coaching Consultancy 15 years ago, Robbie was a successful entrepreneur in the property, insurance and recruitment sectors. His first book in 2007, Think Like an Entrepreneur, was based on modelling these talents. This gives Robbie quite a unique combination of skills: he has successfully applied NLP and coaching to his own businesses and seen them grow and flourish. He also teaches NLP and coaches internationally.

Based on Robbie’s book How to Coach with NLP and his Leadership Coaching course, the session combines Ego States from TA, Parts from NLP and a coaching process to build ‘daily practices’.Often clients say something like “I know I should do this, but somehow I just don’t find the time.” Traditional coaching often misses that something deeper at the belief or identity level is preventing the client from carrying out these ‘small chunk’ regular outcomes. Promise to self is a unique process that can producing surprisingly powerful results. Come along and see for yourself.Is to build habits for lasting change –  to identify what key habits the client is not doing; discover what stops them and then a scheduling technique with some ‘wriggle room’ to enable to obtain a congruent ‘promise to self’..

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