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Events and Courses

We offer a wide range of educational, informative and entertaining events to help you get to grips with all things NLP. From NLP taster days to exclusive talks from expert professionals, we have a wide range going on.

See below for the different events we have coming up:

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  • Friday 05 December, 2014 - Sunday 07 December, 2014
  • How to Coach (with NLP, TA & Mindfulness)
    Thursday 05 February, 2015
    An NLP Taster Day nicely scheduled for the New Year! Come along to get a feel for the subject,*finally* knock those resolutions into shape, get your questions answered, and have a go. NLP has a wide brief. This taster will let you see how it can change your professional and personal life. ...
  • Saturday 31 October, 2015 - Sunday 15 May, 2016
    Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts have co-created a new coaching methodology, based on a 3rd generation approach to change. This workshop, led by Gilligan, will cover material from their forthcoming book, Generative Coaching, and explore how to help people realize the highest levels of achievement and well-being in their lives. ...
  • NLP Practitioner with Robbie Steinhouse
    Thursday 04 December, 2014 - Saturday 28 March, 2015
    This NLP training course is the core NLP Practitioner training programme. It's a 15 day modular course which will leave you with a range of skills to facilitate your personal and professional development and deepen your ability to communicate and influence with integrity. ...
  • NLP Essential Skills Course with Robbie Steinhouse
    Thursday 02 October, 2014 - Saturday 04 October, 2014
    This three-day accredited NLP Essential Skills training course is the perfect way to explore what NLP can bring to you. You'll gain tools to use to create goals, reach them faster and with greater pleasure, let go of unwanted habits and behaviours, solve work life or personal issues, maintain stability or accompany change. ...
  • Hypnosis and third generation therapeutic trance
    Trance is a powerful tool to create therapeutic change....
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